Welcome a new year, a new day :-)

So the winter holiday has quickly passed…just like a wooohhhhhhhhh~ and work also comes as fast on the second day of the new year!

Getting back to work with lots of changes in the office…I just sense something really fresh which (I believe) will turn out to be really good in this year of the snake :-D haha, trust my 6th sense ;)

I decided to change my blog name and blog description today, making it a lot closer to describe who I am at this stage of my life…

well, feel like It delights my life inspiration….I am now clear of what I want to do, what I am for and who I want to become…

Happy new year to all :)

May all the good things come to you in this beautiful year of 2013 :)

With love,

Sandy – The Pretty Nerd