Welcome a new year, a new day :-)

So the winter holiday has quickly passed…just like a wooohhhhhhhhh~ and work also comes as fast on the second day of the new year!

Getting back to work with lots of changes in the office…I just sense something really fresh which (I believe) will turn out to be really good in this year of the snake :-D haha, trust my 6th sense ;)

I decided to change my blog name and blog description today, making it a lot closer to describe who I am at this stage of my life…

well, feel like It delights my life inspiration….I am now clear of what I want to do, what I am for and who I want to become…

Happy new year to all :)

May all the good things come to you in this beautiful year of 2013 :)

With love,

Sandy – The Pretty Nerd



Winter couple

Winter couple

Ấm áp là khi…<3




Một cậu bé nói với một cô bé:
– Tớ là BF của cậu!
Cô bé hỏi:
– BF là gì?
Cậu bé cười hì hì trả lời:
– Nghĩa là Best friend đấy.

Sau này họ hẹn hò, chàng trai lại nói với cô gái:
– Anh là BF của em!
Cô gái dựa nhẹ vào vai chàng trai, thẹn thùng hỏi:
– BF là gì hả anh?
Chàng trai trả lời:
– Là Boy friend đấy!

Vài năm sau đó họ kết hôn, sinh được những đứa con thật xinh xắn, người chồng lại cười và nói với vợ rằng:
– Anh là BF của em!
Người vợ dịu dàng hỏi anh:
– BF là gì hả anh?
Anh nhìn đứa con xinh xắn và hạnh phúc trả lời:
– Là Baby’s father.

Khi họ già, họ cùng nhau ngồi ngắm hoàng hôn trước hiên nhà, ông lão lại nói với vợ:
– Bà nó à! Tôi là BF của bà đấy!
Bà lão cười với những nếp nhăn trên mặt:
– BF là gì hả ông?
Ông lão mỉm cười thật hạnh phúc và trả lời 1 cách thật thần bí:


You are my description of love
You are my description of friend
You are my description of everything
You are my description of beginning to end.

You have put me on a pedestal
You make me feel ten feet tall
You’ve always been there for me
You’ve loved me through it all.

You’ve stood by me through thick and thin
You’ve always been patient and kind
Just thought I’d let you know
You’re the owner of this heart of mine.

So you ask how long I’ll love you
Well this is what I have to say
Past, present, future, always
Forever and a day!

For a peaceful holiday...

Last day of 2011 Summer Activity

Last day

I’m here, sitting at my desk as usual with
a 100% awake mind thanks to a 10-hour-sleep last night, feel good…and getting
moody while going over my friends’ pages.

I’d better separate this post into sections
or else I may mumble around cuz’ things are quite a bit messy inside this head
right now…

Section 1: Work:

Work’s good. Work pays. Work treats. Work
demands and Work trains…

2 months – not a long period for such big
company like Emerson Process Management to give me a big project which may last
for 4 or 5 years. But I’ve learnt quite a lot just merely by observing. Every day, I go to work to observe people, to observe
a culture that can be so-called “glocal environment”, awesome learning – of A
beautiful mixture of American management style and Korean working culture.

I learnt by Participating.

I learnt by Socializing.

I’ve learnt by Drinking.

And even more lovely, I’ve learnt by Cooking ^_^

Good time to learn, I’m happy with that
precious two months, it will be an extremely long story to tell. But more or
less words, I am thankful to my teachers, my CEO, my seniors here and my
friends here and those back in Daejeon for their support…life’s good with great

Section 2: will be back later ;)


I am writing this entry, telling myself silently that I will come back and read it again to find my own answer 10 years later.


“I can’t drink” – The song that I’ve been listening for an hour makes me cry all over again…

This is me, I am so weak and vulnerable to protect myself from being a true giver…

“I can’t drink
How many times should I say
If I drink,I had a bad disease to
make a call
If I get drunk I’lll get more silly courage
If I get drunk,
this silly love will grow bigger
…Because I know
that I shouldn’t. I just staring at the hand phone like this
I don’t know how
many times I hesitate to dial the number
Even now, I still only love you
I miss you like crazy
Just like yesterday,I call you
If I think about that person
I should bear to drink
Because If I drink. Like a fool, I’ll cry again”
Yeah, That is me- A Sandy that you may know for a while. I’ve been living such a lucky life in comparison with many unlucky friends out there, and I know that.
I know, I have to live with smiles and laughters that  people are giving me. They are whom-you-know ;)
When I smile, I don’t smile by myself, they make it so that it can shine uniquely on this round face for years onward
And when I laught, I don’t laught because of myself, they make those laughters true and lasting like forever….
Everyday, I thank God for bringing them to me…
To-whom-that-you-know-you-are: Thank you, very, very much…
No-one can thoroughly understand another’s problems. No-one can really solve another’s problems. Once the problem is named, whoever got that, has to solve it by him or herself…
These days, I suddenly succeeded to find out the name of my prob…
But then, I am so scared that it can never be solved, the desease can never be cured and I will forever cry like that silly figure in the song you’ve heard….
Maybe I’m O blood type so I think too much about others, about what I hear, what I see and I sense too much…
I heard a man crying in vain over a dying heart…I wanna hold him back, I wanna be something that can cure…I wish…
He made me know, that I am still lucky since I have a strong and warm hurt…
But that scares me when I realise something dying without my purpose…
I cry to myself, I sense to myself, which all sum up make me become so complicated, sometimes weird, and sometimes stupid, crazy to some…
But No, I’m not…
I just can’t drink…
Because when I’m not drinking, you can never see a me so vulnerable like that…
I just can’t drink….
If I’m not drinking, I can show you a supper clever girl who makes jokes and turning people around just as what she wants it to be
I just can’t drink….
Cuz when I drink, I let the wise Sandy sleep and wake the wild Sandy up, that scares you, that confuses you, that hurts you…so, probably, I should stop….
I just can’t drink…
But I wanna drink some happiness! I truely, madly, deeply want the 2 Sandy to be happy, no more sorrow, no more tears, even when alcohol stirs things up…
Then I’m gonna go find my hero…
I’m gonna go find somebody’s heart where I can be myself, someone who can bear my sweet and sour blood…
I’m gonna sober up…till the day, that I be a smiling drinking sweet-heart…
Can I make it true? I-don’t-know, still too early to find out a good answer….
10 years later, let’s kiss the hero with a truely, madly, deeply sweet and sour blood…

[To-learn-list]-#1-Be Able to Be Alone

-The problem:

Sandy is 21 years old.

Started living away from home since 15.

Holding in her hand $1000 when she was 18

Started living financial independently since 18.5

She has been making most of her decisions by herself…

She has been facing all the results by herself…

But…she hates silence…

Never has she been able to manage living alone in her mind, how sad….

-The goal:

I came home early today and telling myself that for sure my friends would come home really late, I was ready to be alone :)

Nice start: grap the book, read and read…Play the soundstrack of “Forever in love”…sweet and awesome peace…

I chatted just 1 or 2 lines with a friend on YM and decided to go to bed early….music was on…


It sounded like someone open the door…I woke up, felt heavy inside…noone was in the house…

I was afraid…of everything…I tried to sleep again, but it always sounds like someone is moving around…damn it!

It was over midnight, I thought the train stopped working, I called my friend, the phone kept being on diverting service…wth…

Then I start thinking….and yap, I have never been alone for long…

If I am away from home, I am with friends….

If I am away from my roomate, I am with my work and colleages…

If my roomate is away to sleep with Mai, I would talk to her on YM until we both feel sleepy and then I sleep, without her in the room, but she is around…

If I am wandering alone on the street at night, I will call Mai, Phuong, Thuy, Quy Oppa or anyone else that I can grap, otherwise I will not go out…I make them go with me, just for my problems…(feel a little sorry):x

It’s always good to have ppl around….

But it will be better if I learn to back up when noone can be with me once upon a time….


My “to-learn-list” – Goal #1: Emotional Stability and Emotional Independence

Due: End of August 2011


To whom it may concern:

Alert me when you are home really late, really, really late…


To My roomate:

Damn, I don’t know how you enjoy being alone, I just miss the feeling that someone breathe in the room, share the air with me…I miss you :)

2010! Thank you and Good bye

Here comes the end of the calendar 2010….

Some last hours before the clocks’ hands pass the last line and the year 2011 will nock on our hearts’ doors just to say: “Hello, welcome to the new year!” ^^

I recall someone telling me years ago that when you passed by your high school years, time flies with 10 times higher speed at which you have no idea how many years have passed since some certain days in the past. One year condenses into a month and a month passes by just like a week…

Our young days are flying in the air at the same speed with the lastest subway version released in Japan, I guess ^^

Just some minutes to realize: “well, year ends, I’ve done quite a bit, contributing a little fun, a little happiness, a little success and a little of everything possible to this life time” :)


Thank you, 2010!

You deliver to me warmth from my beloved….

You bring me time, you give me chances to fullfill my wishes….

You send me good friends to live with, study with, hang out with and share with…

You grant me care, love and support from my family, my friends, my teachers and my love….

You lift me up to a higher level where I used to be…

You drive me to another stop which is closer to my career path…

You fill me with hope and rational wishes…

You pour on me with pains, hardships which I have been trying restlessly to overcome and thank you for making those fights extremely fair so that I can win with my wills and efforts…

And I, at the end of the year 2010, has become much and much better than I used to be at the end of the year 2009….


Thank you and good bye! Please give the year 2011 a warm and stressful hug ^^

Welcome 2011! You’ve got to be better than 2010 cuz’ you get 1 value added (2010+1=2011) =))

Hey 2011! you have to help me fulfill these “tiny” things:

1- Warm my days, my minutes, my moments with true love, true care, sincere help and support (And I promise I will give my warmth to my beloved always)

2-Color every calendar cell with good news, good health, good success from my family, friends and beloved…<3

3-Fill my senior year in college with enthusiasm, big efforts, great success and loud applause ^^

4-Smooth my college education with nice internship and job or higher education opportunities ^^

5-Bring me a higher certificate in Korean Proficiency Test

6-Issue me a upgraded certificate of English Proficiency

7-Grant me an adequate amount of money to leverage my opportunities in career development

8-Take well care of my health, keep me strong, keep me endurable through all changes and hardships…

9-Train me to be good, give me challenges, reward me with good results. Don’t laze me off, don’t flatter me ^^




To all my beloved friends:

I’ve set up myself ready and I’m sure so have all of you ^^

Then, Together, Let’s jump, let’s dance, let’s run and let’s move forward….


Wherever we are, whatever we do, No matter how many years we have been living, let's just spread our happiness...

Are you really in love?

According to Richard Sternberg’s “triangular theory,” the three basic components of love are passion, intimacy, and commitment. In Sternberg’s theory, these components can combine in different ways to produce six different kinds of love. For example, if two people experience a high level of passion and intimacy but lack a firm commitment to one another, the result is romantic love. If there is intimacy and commitment but no passion, the result is what Sternberg calls companionate love. This is the type of love between two long-term friends or a long-time married couple. In relationships with passion but no intimacy or commitment, the outcome is infatuation. If there is passion and commitment but no intimacy, the result is fatuous, or shallow, love. When there is only commitment and no passion or intimacy, empty love is the result. The sixth type of love is the kind that everyone hopes to find; it contains all three components: passion, intimacy, and commitment. Sternberg described this kind of love as consummate love.
I came across this passage when I was doing an English reading homework ^_^ The ideas are interesting, huh?!! Let’s see how I perceive one part of it ^o~

When we are all young, we desire for the 6th kind of love, but not all of young love stories end up with commitment so we can reach on 1st kind of love ^_^….

That’s right, mostly, first love is ROMANTIC LOVE ^^ back to that moment, some may feel like “LOVE IS EVERYTHING”

And then peoplel get hurt,they may learn something, they fall in and fall out some times again. Finally what they wrote in the past, they may cross it out, like this:

No matter what and no matter how...I still believe in LOVE

Summer 2010 – Mud Festival

My summer course finished on July 16th with so many stuff stuck in my head, I couldn’t get myself out of new product development at all…:D It took me a while to get things settled, I watched movies, I listened to music and I slept…that’s the wonderful beginning of a sophomore’s summer..lol…

As for a girl falling deeply for travel, the best way to refresh and reward myself after such hard working time is to take a break on the beach :D Yeah, here I went – the mud festival in Bo Ryung ^_^

People staying in line, waiting for their turns to get painted

What do you expect when you go to the beach? I used to dream of a sunny day with tons of sunblock on my skin…lol…However, the day turned out to be damn gloomy…That makes feelings stumble in a lovely way^_^

Raining drops on the bus windown, feel sad :(

And here comes the beach, raining?! C'mon, what's the matter?! Have fun..lol

Yeah, once we saw the beach, no thing could ever matter at all. It kept raining heavily and all the 3 umbrellas became useless..hahha…

Thuy and Phuong decided to drop their umbrallas and run to the sea..such friends like that drive me crazier than they are…hehe, I run with them, we screamed crazilly and OMG, that’s just too much fun to say :D

In the guest room, when no rain falls on us ^^

with the umbrella, it's trong indeed, but with such cruel wind, it's just useless

And...crazy with the sea :D

This is how they say "mud bath" ^^

2 hours in the rain, struggling with the wind, we felt sick ^_^ Phuong told us that if we didn’t get back for a real shower, she would have caught a cold :( Poor my cutie rommie ^^ …We went back at around 2 in the afternoon, got change and rested for a while. I was sleeping like a child and it’s so refreshing ^^ After feeding my eyes, I accompanied my 2 lovely gals back to the street for dinner ^_^ Yummy:

Sleeping kids

~Hot hot hot~ Hae Chang Kuk- The best taste for a rainy day ^_^

3 serves for 3 ladies :D

Okay, the day was so full of fun, the sea, the room, the food, that was enough to satisfy me….^_^…But there’s still one more thing I’d love to talk endlessly – the crazy concert afterwards:

Before the concert time, it was raining and see how these people devoted to their bands, they put on rain coats and sat there in 2 hours waiting for the show

Snap at 7:50pm

SolBridge friends in Bo Ryung..luv ya...:x:x:x

Yeah, that’s how the day passed by so fast and I had so much fun…love it…such an exciting memory in my life :x

Sandy on the day 17th, July, 2010 - She had so much fun <3
And some vdos I took on that day, just to remind how crazy Sandy can be when she is not studying :-j :P

Encrypted love message! – Thông điệp tình yêu được mã hóa!

This is a letter that could have been written by Romeo to Juliet. Like the story, the girl’s father has no sympathy for him and rejected their marriage plans. Romeo, who knew that the father would read his letter, made it very special. Here’s the letter:

The great love i have declared i have for you
is gone,and i find my dislike for you
increases every day. When i see you
i don’t even like u appearance.
The one thing i want to do is to
look the other way. I never wanted to
marry you. Our last conversation
was very dull and in no way has
made me anxious to see u again.
You only think of yourself.
If we were married, i know that i would find
life very difficult, and i would have no
pleasure in living with you. I’ve a heart
to give, but it isn’t a heart
I want to give to you. No one is more
demanding or selfish than you, and less
able to care for me and be of help.
I sincerely want you to understand that
I speak the truth. You will do me a favor
if you consider this the end. Don’t try
to answer this. Your letter are full of
things that don’t interest me. You have no
true concern for me. Good bye. Believe me
i don’t care for you. Please don’t think
i’m still your loving friend.

After reading this letter, read it again, but this time skip one line each time. Read the first line, skip the second, read the third, skip the next, and so on, until the end.


Đây là bức thư có thể do Romeo viết cho Juliet. Như trong truyện, cha nàng Juliet không đồng tình với chàng Romeo và đã phản đối kế hoạch đám cưới của hai người. Romeo đoán rằng hẳn cha nàng sẽ đọc được bức thư, nên đã viết nó theo cách thật đặc biệt. Sau đây là lá thư của Romeo:

Tình yêu cao quý nhất ta từng bày tỏ với nàng
đã hết rồi, và nỗi căm ghét ta dành cho nàng
đang lớn dần mỗi ngày. Khi ta thấy nàng
ta thậm chí không còn thích dung nhan của nàng nữa.
Điều duy nhất ta muốn là
nhìn đi hướng khác. Ta sẽ không bao giờ muốn
cưới nàng làm vợ. Cuộc chuyện trò cuối cùng của chúng ta
thật là xuẩn ngốc và nó càng không
làm cho ta nóng lòng muốn gặp lại nàng.
Nàng chỉ nghỉ cho riêng mình.
Nếu chúng ta lấy nhau, ta biết ta sẽ thấy
cuộc sống đầy khó khăn, và chắc hẳn ta không tìm được
hạnh phúc khi sống cạnh nàng. Ta có một trái tim
để cho, nhưng đó không phải trái tim
ta muốn trao cho nàng. Không ai
đòi hỏi hay ích kỷ hơn nàng, và ít
có thể quan tâm hơn tới ta và giúp đỡ ta.
Ta thành thật muốn nàng hiểu rằng
Ta đang nói thật. Hãy đồng ý
nếu nàng xem thư này là chấm dứt. Đừng cố
trả lời lá thư này. Những bức thư của nàng đầy
những thứ không còn hấp dẫn ta. Nàng không còn
sự quan tâm thật lòng cho ta.Tạm biệt.Tin ta đi
ta không còn quan tâm nàng. Xin đừng nghỉ
ta vẫn là người bạn thân thương của nàng.

Sau khi đọc lá thư này, hãy đọc lại, nhưng lần này mỗi lần hãy bỏ qua một hàng. Đọc hàng đầu tiên, bỏ hàng thứ hai, đọc hàng thứ ba, bỏ hàng tiếp theo, cứ tiếp tục như thế cho đến hết.

Ngạc nhiên chưa!

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